4 Decorating solutions for challenging spaces

Every home has that one room that poses a decorating challenge. Whether it’s a room with an extremely low ceiling height or one that features a narrow width, even the most experienced home decorator may find themselves at a loss of how to tackle oddly shaped rooms. Here we offer decorating solutions for challenging spaces.

01. Decorating solutions for low ceilings

There’s nothing welcoming about walking into a room with a low ceiling. These oddly shaped rooms can make you, and your guests feel closed in and uncomfortable, but putting in a higher ceiling is certainly not an option for most of us. What you can do, however, is give the illusion of a taller ceiling by using some unique home decorating ideas.

Stripes – Vertical stripes are a great way to give the appearance of an extended ceiling height, but you must be careful in choosing the right stripe pattern. Narrow stripes will make the ceiling look taller, but it will also make the walls feel closer together, which will close in the room in an entirely new way. Choose a stripe pattern with varying stripe widths and colors, and use them on one wall as a focal point. This will draw the eye away from the ceiling height and focus it on the bold print instead.

Light reflective ceilings – By applying a light reflective surface to the ceilings, you will give the illusion of an extended ceiling height. This can be achieved with the use of metallic paints, mirrored ceiling tiles, or even foil wallpaper.

02. Decorating solutions for high ceilings

High ceilings are typically a desirable feature in a home, yet if the right home decorating ideas aren’t used, you can end up with an oversized room that appears empty and cold. To combat oddly shaped rooms with high ceilings, use these simple decorating solutions.

Horizontal lines – When you want to extend the appearance of ceiling height you use vertical lines. On the flipside of that, if you want to bring ceiling height down, you’ll use horizontal lines to break up the wall space. These lines should be painted in bands, in varying sizes and colors. To give the illusion of shorter ceilings, the lines can be applied at eye level and above.

Molding Crown molding, chair molding, window molding, etc., can help break up wall space and give the illusion of lower ceilings. Molding will also help to add architectural interest to the room and give it a cozy ambiance.

Painted ceiling – When you have white walls against white ceilings, you are emphasizing the height of your ceiling. To bring it down, try painting the ceiling with a darker shade of paint.

03. Decorating solutions for a narrow room

One of the most difficult rooms to decorate are those that are narrow. In some cases, the room may be so long and narrow that your furniture will not properly fit in the space. Some home decorating ideas for these oddly shaped rooms including the following:

Divide the room – In some cases, a room may be so long and narrow that you’ll have no choice but to divide it into two spaces. This can be achieved by using room dividers or screens to define each space. For example, you can transform you oddly shaped room into a living room/office with the help of proper furniture placement and coordinating paint shades that will complement one another, yet separate each space into its own.

Furniture – The most important aspect of decorating a narrow room is to keep the furniture to scale. If your existing furniture is oversized and accented with large squishy pillows, it simply won’t work in a narrow room. It will only serve to make the room look smaller and more crowded. Ditch the big furniture, or relocate it to another room in the house, and use furniture with sleek lines that will fit with a narrow room instead.

04. Decorating solutions for rooms with an alcove

An alcove is a small section of a room that typically embeds into the wall. While some may see an alcove as a decorating challenge, I choose to see it as a gift! There are some many things that can be done with an alcove, it just may take a little experience to see the possibilities. Here are some fun home decorating ideas that can be used with these oddly shaped rooms.

Reading spot – Buy a bench or hope chest and nestle it into the alcove. Top it with a comfortable cushion which accents the paint colors in your room. Don’t forget to add decorative pillows that will make the spot ‘pop’.

Bookcase – Install a few shelves and turn your alcove into a built-in bookcase. Paint the wall a pretty color (or wallpaper it) and then paint each shelf with a bright white paint.

Headboard – Push the bed against the alcove to create an instant headboard. Hang up your favorite photographs above the bed, or create a romantic ambiance by hanging a sheer canopy above. Soon you’ll learn to appreciate your alcove for it’s uniqueness and look for new decorating solutions to use with it.