Bath Demolition Planning and Preparation Best Practices

Saving Money by Reusing or Recycling Materials

Demolition is the first construction stage (or deconstruction stage depending on how you look at it) of your bath remodeling project.

Many people relish this step because you can really have some fun here by letting out all your pent up frustrations. Knocking things apart can really be fun and therapeutic. Here tasks are measurable and usually move along rapidly so you can quickly get a sense of accomplishment before you even begin.

Prior to you letting out your wild child though, it’s usually a good idea to see whether or not you actually want to keep anything before you send it off to the point of no return. Even a loosely laid out plan with some forethought can save you money by recycling or reusing some materials.

Just remember your main objective here is to bring it all down in a safe and fun way that allows you to contain the dust and debris to the bathroom construction zone.

You can reuse things like framing lumber or wood moldings. Put plywood or tarp over your carpet to protect it from dust both in adjacent rooms and hallways and set a mat outside the door to wipe your feet before you travel to any other part of your home.

Minimize Spreading the Debris

You can even have a different pair of shoes waiting there you can change into to minimize transference of debris through out your residence. It also helps if you tape down the tarp, so you don’t trip or fall. Another way to keep dust and air borne debris from leaving your demolition zone is to put up an old blanket or some form of barrier on your bathroom door.

Make sure all your vents, open nooks and air ducts connected to other areas of the house are covered or taped over. And if you can open the window in your bathroom then set up a fan to blow the dust outside. Another important thing to remember is to pull out protruding nails from boards as you go or any other safety hazard you may encounter along the way.

Depending upon the size of your home renovation project you may need to rent a waste container to haul it all away but for most jobs simply double-bagging your waste and taking it out to the trash will usually suffice.

You may also have to rent a shop vacuum with a specialized dust filter to clean up all that fine dust debris that will get on everything. Bringing down the walls, so to speak, can make you see your bathroom in a whole new light. It will make you realize that almost any alteration is possible if you are willing to put in the time and effort to make it all happen.


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