Creative Ceramic Tile Patterns in Your Bath

Creating Style Through Decorative Design

Ceramic tile patterns are usually not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about remodeling your bathroom. Yet, with all the great leaps that have been made in the world of bath renovations, homeowners no longer have to settle for the dull square ceramic tiles that were prevalent in the baths of the past.

Instead, they can now creatively combine ceramic tiles to get some very interesting and beautiful surfaces to instill new life and character into their bathing space. Thanks to the endless possibilities of styles to choose from, homeowners can add a more personalized approach to their washroom by choosing covering materials that fit the environment of their particular bathroom space.

Not only does this flexibility guarantee more better design results, but it also fuels the thrill of not having cookie cutter surfaces in their bath. If you are thinking about renovating your washroom or you are in the process of building one, then the tips and information below will help you to choose the configuration that is best for your lavatory needs.

Customizing the Perceptual Experience

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of embellishing the room, it is of paramount importance to know how to choose the best arrangement for your bathroom. Your tile choices will depend on three main factors: color, available space and the mood you are trying to create.

These design elements work together to guarantee harmony and proportion in any given bath environment and once they are balanced, the end results of your endeavor will be full of originality, personality and creative design concepts.

It is also important to bear in mind that no matter how beautiful some designs may appear to be; some may not add the balance that you need to your washroom decor due to the issues we mentioned earlier.

Now that we have addressed these important design factors we will present the different patterns for ceramic tile that are common in the world of home improvement. You are not limited to the configurations below and will find that you can easily customize the arrangements to your personal taste.

Alternating Checkerboard Style

This is one of the simplest configurations that homeowners can use to create an interesting effect in their grooming spaces. This installation is done with two tiles that have different colors. It is best to combine a darker and a lighter tile to create balance and not clutter the lavatory environment with too many colors.

If you are interested in having unusual ceramic tiles patterns combinations, then you can easily create variations in color placement based on the colors you prefer. This method can easily be mastered with a template sheet that provides a visual guide on where to lay each tile.

Basket Weave Theme

The basket weave pattern is a creative tile pattern not often seen in many bathrooms, but it is nonetheless an interesting option for those that are looking to break away from traditional norms and preferences used in some ceramic tile patterns. Of all the ceramic tile patterns, this method gives the floor a deeper feel and look.

This is accomplished by the illusion that is created when one tile appears to be overlapping another tile. This is an excellent option for both small and large bathing areas; however, the colors of the fixtures should complement the shades of the tiles that are used to create the basket effect.

Diagonal Stripe Sequence

This creative ceramic tile pattern uses a lot more tiles that the ceramic tile patterns mentioned above. The diagonal effect is created when tiles are placed at a 45-degree angle to the bathroom wall. If you are not looking to have many colors in your bathroom then this is the perfect option due to the fact that one type of tile can be used to create the diagonal effect.

However, if you want to have unusual tile combination then blending different types to get this effect is also possible. As with many other ceramic tile patterns, this method can be used in large and small bathrooms, but preference is generally given in a large bathroom setting.

Block Arrangement

Block ceramic tile patterns are used by homeowners that want to add the right proportions of color and creative tiles to their bathroom. It is also a simple method that involves scattering blocks of color on the bathroom wall or floor and then filling in the spaces that are left with tiles.

The tiles can have a lighter or darker shade depending on the mood you are trying to create. This is one of the very few forgiving ceramic tile patterns that can be done by the inexperienced.

Mosaic Motifs

Decorative minds that want to complement the theme of their bathrooms with a special touch can use the mosaic pattern to place emphasis on a certain area. The success of this method of creative tiling depends on the design ideas you have in mind and the colors that you want to use with mosaic tiles. The end result is then surrounded by bigger tiles to offset the whimsy effect that this ceramic tile pattern creates.

These are but a few of the different ways of combining tiles to create interesting and creative tile patterns. With so many tile designs, shapes and sizes on the market, it is sometimes difficult to know where to begin. Pick a theme and create a tile pattern that reflects and enhances that theme for a bathroom that will be both beautiful and original.

Another interesting trend that is happening in the bath is the inclusion of metal tiles in your washroom; and why not, after all bathroom designers and renovators have been using glass tiles as well as stone tiles to enhance the bathroom environment.