Garden Decorating Ideas – Yard Art Can Come From Unusual Items

Just as you decorate your house with your own style, you should decorate your garden to suit your personal preferences and tastes. Today’s outdoor furniture and fabrics allow for a wide variety in individual expressions. Whether you prefer formal, raised beds with cedar planking and matching fencing, or a more casual setting, you can find garden decorating ideas to fit just about every taste and budget.

Before rushing out to purchase decorations however, decide how you will use the space. If you plan on having an outdoor kitchen and dining area, place the key pieces first. This would include items such as a grill, dining table and chairs, and perhaps a sink, fireplace, bar, or storage. Once the main pieces are in place, you can decorate with outdoor fabrics, sculptures, plants, rocks, water, and whatever else you feel works with the space.

Garden Party Decorating Ideas

When decorating for a garden party, you want your guests to be comfortable. Therefore, make sure you have a solid base for any tables, chairs, couches, and other furniture your guests will be using. It is rather uncomfortable to try to eat and carry on a pleasant conversation when your chair is wobbling on an uneven surface. In addition, make sure there is a place to escape from the sun. If you have shade trees, install a swing, hammock, or other seating under its boughs. If your entire yard is sunny; umbrellas, awnings, and canopies can be used to create a shady area.

There is a wide variety of outdoor furniture available today. Rattan or wicker sofas and chairs, daybeds, teak furniture, and even hammocks, can all be used to make your guests comfortable. To add to everyone’s comfort, use an abundance of colorful pillows and cushions made from outdoor fabrics that are specifically designed to resist mold, mildew, and fading.

DIY Garden Decorating Ideas

A limited budget shouldn’t limit your options when it comes to decorating your garden. No money for the fancy vertical garden you saw in the catalog or on the Internet? You can make your own for practically free. Ask for a wooden shipping pallet from a feed and supply outlet or pet store. They’ll often give you one or more for free. Lean the pallet against a wall so that the slats are horizontal. Then staple weed barrier fabric to the inside of the pallet, forming a “pocket” with the opening at the top. Fill the pocket with potting soil.

Use a utility knife or a sharp pair of scissors to cut an “X” in a spot between the two lowest slats, and then insert a plant or flower. Continue cutting and planting, working your way across and then up the slats until you’ve filled the pallet with plants. Water gently and affix against any wall where you’d like your vertical garden. Since potting soil tends to dry quickly, either use plants that don’t need much water or make sure the pallet is watered frequently.

You can put together an inexpensive vignette using nothing more than a plate from the dollar store, a few wide candles of different heights, and some rounded pebbles. Simply arrange the candles on the plate, surround them with pebbles, and light the candles for a bit of romantic ambiance.

Patio Decor Ideas

Whether small or large, a porch or patio shouldn’t be neglected or treated simply as a portal to get from one place to another. Decorate your patio in a way that invites guests to linger. A porch swing or glider covered with comfortable cushions invites people to sit and enjoy this part of your house. If your porch or balcony is small, see if you can add a bistro table with one or two chairs. Hanging baskets filled with flowers will add a touch of color, or you can use a brightly colored oversized urn or sculpture as a focal point. See our container garden ideas page for more ideas on patio decorating.

Whether your yard is large or small, and whatever design you prefer, there are plenty of garden decorating ideas to suit a variety of styles.