Ideas and Tips for a Smart Bath Renovation Project

Updating Your Bath With Technology

How smart is your bathroom? Technology has made it possible to create an almost “Space Age” bathroom. Come on out of the Stone Age and get wired to the future with automation.

Smart wiring is the wave of the future. Once your home has smart wiring, you can automate just about anything your heart desires. Set it and forget it, you never have to adjust it again, and with the technology of smart wiring and automation products, you can spend more time relaxing in an environment that is perfect just for you.

Listed below are some ideas on how to create a smart bathroom

Automated bath filling system

This system can be installed on most bathtubs and can also be integrated with other control methods. Installing an automated bath filling system will ensure the correct amount of water and temperature in your tub.

The system maintains water temperature by using Watts instead of kWatts by the in-line heater. Another great feature of an automated bath filling system is it automatically adjusts for pressure fluctuations. Not only is this the ultimate luxury for a bathroom renovation project, but installing one of these is water and energy efficient, which is a plus for the environment.

Lighting and exhaust fans

Both of these are a very common addition to a “smart bathroom”. Steam and odors can be removed automatically by installing quiet and efficient exhaust fans that are controlled by automatic timers.

A lighting automation system can be integrated into a “smart bathroom” with all of the different types of lighting themes to choose from.

You can set your own level of lighting by installing a lighting control system that can adjust from near-dark to full brightness depending upon your needs or the mood you want to create.

You will need to determine where you want the light to shine and then set a range of scenarios at the touch of a switch. Sensors automatically turn off the lights when there is no one in the room, then by the product of this great feature is that it will save you money and energy in the long run.

Turning Mirrors into Televisions

Fog-free mirrors that are mounted on the wall can also act as television screens. A multimedia home entertainment center can be hooked up right in your bathroom. You can install in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, a TV and DVD player and even computers so you can unwind to your favorite music or catch-up on a previously recorded show or DVD while you soak.

Showers now wash, massage and can even dry you off. This can all be controlled from a central unit that includes: digital controlled steam, temperature and timer; computer controlled shower massage and radio; audio hook-up for home entertainment systems, such as speakers, lights and exhaust fan.

These all-in-one steam showers can even be programmed to turn on first thing in the morning, so all you have to do is wake up and step into the shower with all your temperature and water settings already set to your individual specifications.

There are many possibilities when creating your “smart bathroom”. It is always a good idea to contact a reputable electrician before you begin your bathroom renovation project. Be sure when selecting an electrician to install your smart wiring in your bathroom that he is a licensed electrician and don’t forget to check out his credentials.

The electrician will use copper wiring when smart wiring a bathroom or any part of a house. It meets all National Standards and works for all systems.

Cooper wiring is better than optic fibre or wireless systems because it can be installed cheaper and it is more durable and reliable than any other system, and it can carry large amounts of information. Copper is also chosen for its conductivity, recyclability, easy to use and resistance to corrosion.

The best time to install smart wiring into your bathroom is during initial construction or the beginning of a bathroom renovation project. It is a lot less expensive to install during these times. With a “smart bathroom” you too will be spending more time in your bathroom. So grab that controller, press that button and enjoy the comfort of your newly automated “smart bathroom”.


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