Low Cost Ceramic Tile – Does it Always Mean Low Quality Ceramic Tiles

For the Value Conscious Renovator

House remodeling does have its share of costs, and this is why some homeowners are looking for a low cost ceramic tile to offset the expense of a full scale bathroom renovation. The good news is that with a little research and some effort it is possible to find cheap ceramic tiles that are just as stylish and fashionable as their more expensive counterparts.

The bad news is that in some cases a low-cost ceramic tile does not have the same quality as some more well-known brand names. Despite the possible durability issues of some economically priced ceramic tiles, homeowners that are on a budget and want to keep a lid on remodeling costs can still purchase quality brand name tiles if they are willing to shop around to find bargain priced tiles that are on sale, discontinued styles and colors or just a vendor trying to get rid of old stock to bring in the season with the latest brands.

Just be sure to purchase enough to get your tiling job done and an extra box or two for ceramic tile repair and account for some tiles that are broken in the shipping process. Reasonably priced ceramic tile does not necessarily mean substandard, shop around, and you could get a discount on your tiles depending on how much you purchase and from whom.

The Quality of Wholesale

Quality ceramic tiles come at an additional price tag attached, and more often than not homeowners will find that this does not come cheap. However, in a bathroom setting, there is some degree of flexibility as it pertains to low cost or wholesale ceramic tile. Tiles that will not have direct forces applied to them do not have to be very strong or sturdy. This is usually the case with tiles that are installed on bath walls as opposed to those that are installed on the bath floor. You can easily use low cost ceramic tile on your bath walls and save on your washroom installation costs.

Discount Patterns and Textures

What do you want your bathroom to look and feel like and how flexible are your design ideas? There are a wide array of cheap decorative washroom tiles available on the market. If you are willing to compromise for a discounted ceramic tile brand, and you are not dead set on a particular color or pattern, you can purchase slow moving or unpopular styles and finishes of ceramic tiles at a fraction of the normal price because the vendor just wants to get back some of their initial cost and clear up the storage room for more popular brands of ceramic tiles.

Can the low-cost ceramic tile you plan to buy give you the same look or feel without the high price tag? If it can, that is definitely a bonus. You will need to check to ensure that the low-cost ceramic tile complements the look and fixtures in your bathroom because purchasing inexpensive ceramic tiles should not be an eyesore that you have to live with day in day out.

Availability of Comparatively Inexpensive Styles

When you plan to buy a lost-cost ceramic tile for your washroom, you should buy enough for eventual repairs and maintenance. If you do not have the storage space to keep excess cheap ceramic tiles for future use, then this is where the question of availability of the low cost ceramic tile comes into play.

If the low-cost ceramic tile is just a fad on the market or an introductory product, then the chances of buying it in the future are very slim. This simply means that if you do not have storage space for extra tiles now that you will have to consider changing all of the tiles in the future when the need arises.

Maintenance of Your Economically Priced Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles have to be maintained and cleaned in order to keep the beautiful look and shine that they have. You will have to find out if the low cost ceramic tile has special maintenance requirements and how this will weigh in your budget in the future when caring for your ceramic tiles.

In-floor Heating and Your Bargain Basement Ceramic Tiles

Can the low cost ceramic tiles withstand the in-floor heating installations you will put under them and how efficient are they at radiating the heat? Low cost ceramic tiles that are too thin cannot withstand constant heating and cooling and are not ideal for bathroom tile floors and could eventually form hairline cracks. This could possibly compromise the electrical heating filaments underfoot which could spell disaster in a moisture ridden environment. You should ensure that the low cost ceramic tile you wish to buy can withstand heating fluctuations as well as constant foot traffic, because if it can’t then you will need to find a more durable bathroom flooring material to meet your needs.

Expertise and Installation of Value Priced Ceramic Tiles

What additional expertise will you need to acquire, if any, to install the low cost ceramic tile? If you need to hire someone that has been specially trained to install a particular kind of low cost basic production ceramic tile, then it would be best to weigh the charge of hiring a contractor versus the value added saving of purchasing dirt cheap ceramic tiles.

Sub-floor and Design Preparation

What additional requirement will you have to meet to have the right sub floor and design preparation for inexpensive ceramic tile? Every manufacturer tries to sell a unique product, and this generally affects the sub-floor and design as well. If you are planning to handle this as a DIY project then knowing how much preparation you will need to cover on the underlying floor before installing the cheap ceramic tile will help to make your decision more feasibly. If on the other hand, you prefer to hire someone to install the low cost ceramic tile, then these two factors will have a direct influence on how much you eventually pay. Remember that low cost does not necessarily equal reduced value or shoddy ceramic tiles. If you shop around you can find high quality tiles that have been discontinued or are unpopular which you can snatch up at a pleasantly reduced priced.