Planning Your Floor Covering Materials

Avoid Highly Glazed Floors

Floor treatments usually serve as a type of backdrop to the various décor elements in your bathroom. This is generally done to compliment or offset your fixtures and other ornamental accessories. Aside from the decorative attributes, your bath floor should be water-resistant and easy to maintain in order for you to retain a comfortable and safe bathing environment.

You already know that safety is paramount in just about everyone’s washroom. Most of us trek into our lavatory every morning in our bare feet, so it would be in our best interest to avoid flooring surfaces that are slippery when wet or are highly glazed.

While these surfaces look great when polished but with the thought of an elder or child falling unnecessarily, you really should avoid using highly polished granite, marble or ceramic tile unless you plan on wearing slippers or spraying your floor with a slip resistant agent such as Johnny Grip.

It should also go without saying that for your on-going comfort you should choose a floor finishing material that is not rough or have any edges that may poke or slice your feet.

Denser floor materials sometimes get too cold and will cause chills because they draw heat away from your body. If you want to avoid this inconvenience altogether then install a thermal floor with radiant heating to pamper yourself.

If heating your bathroom floor is not an option then a smooth soft surface such as vinyl will also add to your feet’s content by cushioning the floor and augment your walking comfort.

Water Seepage Woes

All bathroom floor surfaces must be impervious to moisture, so you avoid water damage to your floor boards and underlying floor structure. While this may seem obvious, it should be noted here that improperly sealed shower or tub enclosures may just as easily be at fault for damaging walls and floor boards through water seepage.

Proper heating and ventilation also play an important role in keeping moisture levels down in your bathroom.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your bathroom floors should be done on a regular basis. Marble as well as tile grout and wood floors must be sealed periodically to control stains, mildew and scratches.

In high traffic areas, if usage wear is an issue for you, you may consider a ceramic tile with random patterns to hide the appearance of wear and tear. Ceramic tiles have been in use for centuries because of its beauty and durability plus the fact that it can be easily installed by your typical everyday handy woman or man.