Plumbing Tools for Plastic Drain Pipe

Purchasing Equipment vs Hiring a Plumber

The plumbing tools for working with plastic drain pipe can be purchased at a nominal price as compared to hiring a professional plumber for his services. And while you may only use these implements for plastic drain pipe and fittings no more than a couple of times when renovating your home and bathroom, it is still important to invest in quality supplies especially ones that are tough and comfortable enough for you to work with plastic drain pipe easily.

The devices you will need for working with plastic drain pipe are a plastic pipe saw, a miter box, some form of deburring tool, plastic pipe cutter and a plastic tubing cutter to round off your supply list.

The great thing about this type of drain pipe is how easy it is to work with. You measure the space, cut the pipe, dry fit the pieces to make sure it all fits then simply glue the PVC pipe pieces together for a durable and lasting drainage system in your bathroom.

Devices for Splicing PVC Tubing

Cutting plastic tubing is also a cinch with so many different devices you can choose from. From an ordinary handsaw or hack saw, you can even use a circular saw if you just happen to own one already, as it is unnecessary for you to go out and purchase one.

You can even use a power miter saw or standard back-saw to cut through the material, the PVC pipe is that easy to cut. And let us not forget about the pipe saw tool especially made for cutting through this synthetic material.

The nice thing about this pipe saw tool is that it cuts the plastic easily and leaves hardly any burrs for you to clean up after the cut.

The Magnificent Miter Box

One of the best plumbing tools you can uses when working with small PVC pipe to ensure straight cuts is a miter box. For larger tubing that won’t fit in a miter box, the best tool for the job is a hand saw, and it is very important that when you cut the pipe, you first mark the cut line and make certain that you keep the saw perpendicular in all directions to the cut line.

After the cut is made, due to the nature of the material, burrs must be removed to ensure a nice tight solid fit between the pipe sections. A plumbers deburring tool, specifically made for removing slivers on the cut drain pipe is the best device for the job and is a lot easier to use than trying to scrape off the burrs with a utility knife.

If you are working with smaller plastic supply lines, usually about one inch or smaller, the best plumbing tool for cutting this tubing is a plastic pipe cutter. This device uses a scissor-action to easily slice through the smaller sized tubing.

Cutting and Connecting Plastic For Drainage Systems is Easy

You can even get heavy duty models made for PVC. If on the other hand, you are using flexible tubing such as PEX, a plastic tubing cutter tool is the best solution for a swift and clean cut through the cylinder.

As you can see the plumbing tools for working with plastic conduits are simple, effective and won’t break the bank when renovating your bathroom. As stated before, try to buy the best tools you can afford because they will stand the test of time and use, so you can effectively get your remodelling project done.

Also, don’t forget to store your plumbing equipment in a tool box for safe keeping, so the next time you need your supplies for working on your drainage system, you will know exactly where to look to find them.