Top Bathroom Renovation Tips

Trendy and Clutter Free

Home improvements can be fun and exciting if you take into consideration certain important tips before updating the look of your bathing space. For the do-it-yourself renovator, there are numerous bathroom renovation tips and tricks you can use to keep your chamber looking trendy and clutter-free. You can make the space functional and beautiful, irrespective of its size and without having to perform any significant home repair. Knowing how and when to renovate your old restroom is a good skill to have.

A top washroom development recommendation is to start by taking a look at every inch, nook and cranny of your grooming area for hidden spaces where you can add storage. Consequently, one of the most frequent bath upgrade requests is more room to store and hide accessories. A good solution to alleviate this problem is to create corner cupboards. When you have the space, these corner storage devices are a beneficial substitute to normal shelves because they make use of corner space that is normally under-utilized.

Powerful interior design and style ought to address all of your physical needs, so another good suggestion is to try to balance beauty as well as functionality. Compile a wish list when contemplating doing a makeover but don’t get carried away, a grand piano beside the pedestal sink may sound appealing but would be highly impractical in your limited space. Take heed of the following top rated washroom enrichment tips to get the most out of your next home improvement project.

Pick sophisticated in-vogue fixtures when augmenting your bath

Bathrooms are one of the most visited areas of the home; a simple strategy is to purchase stylish looking fixtures. For a guest bath, a pedestal sink with graceful lines is more attractive than a blocky cabinet vanity, and fortunately most powder rooms don’t need a lot of storage space so in this case you can go for looks and not functionality.

A classic claw-foot tub in your master bath is like bath sculpture and adds a sense of style and class to your loo. If your master bath is quite large, indulge yourself and create a spacious spa-like washroom that is a haven for privacy and relaxation. Outfit it with a fog free television, exercise gear, personalized makeup vanity and comfortable ensuite furniture.

Install Shelves Where Ever You Can

The room in which you tend to have some of the worst clutter, is also one of the smallest spaces in your home. And while pedestal sinks and framed mirrors look great in your lavatory, they are practically useless from a storage standpoint. Just trying to find a spot to place all your essentials in your family lavatory can really be a problem, let alone organizing all those grooming accessories.

One tactic is installing shelves, whether wall mounted, recessed or on the floor, bathroom furniture storage solutions are a must. Utilizing the wall space behind the toilet for storage cabinets is an exceptional insight you can use to keep your ready-room looking outstanding and uncluttered; the space above the door is one more shelf alternative that is seldom used.

Make the most of space in between wall studs by recessing a tall storage cabinet into the wall to maximize vertical storage while at the same time saving floor space. These cabinets should have a depth of a minimum of three inches in order to be usable. Beside bath shelves, wicker baskets and trays are great for organizing small items on counters like rolled-up washcloths or tiny soaps and toiletries.

Sit in a Bathtub Before You Purchase

When enhancing your bathing space, purchasing a new bathtub is normally a major purchase so get it right. Make sure your tub provides enough room to stretch out and provides a secure foothold, so you don’t float into oblivion when the tub is full. Japanese wooden tubs or a deep soaker bathtub are excellent choices for relaxation.

Select Tough Flooring

Ceramic, marble and stone tiles are all superb sturdy and water-resistant surfaces for a bathroom. Sub-floor heating coils will make these resilient flooring surfaces warm and inviting. Well-sealed hardwood floors offer all-natural warmth and act as a welcomed foil for the other tough, cold surfaces inside a bath.

Hang a Stylish Mirror or Towel Bar

This recommendation can add depth and versatility to your grooming area. A single beautifully framed vanity mirror over a sink is much more attractive than numerous surfaces covered with mirrors. Supplement it with a wall-mounted makeup mirror, and contemplate installing a lighted, shaving mirror inside your shower stall so you can prepare for the day while you shower. Towel bars are often overlooked for their storage capacity. Multiple towel bars behind doors and on walls help alleviate clutter. You can even add one just outside the bathing enclosure for easy reach.

Construct a Contemporary Wetroom

To further enrich the ambiance of your home, construct an open-concept shower that doesn’t require a curtain or door and is much less confining than a conventional bathing enclosure. Additionally, a stylish home decorating idea is a ceiling-mounted rain showerhead and/or a high wall-mounted showerhead for a luxurious waterfall effect.

If you do have a back-to-back bathroom, a shared shower with access doors from each chamber maximizes your usage space. And don’t forget about that unused closet that can be turned into a modest Ensuite with access to the neighboring grooming space.

A fresh home reno tip is to use shower caddies outside the bathing stall in your master -bath. Quick and easy to set up, place on the wall behind the toilet or place them on the insides of your vanity doors to hold your bath accessories. Numerous manufacturers provide a host of specially shower trays and organizers; a toilet tray fits on the back of the toilet and may be used to store tissues or accessories.

Proper lighting for Grooming Areas

Good functional bathroom lighting is essential. A timeless technique is to combine halogen spotlights with wall sconces beside or over the mirror to shoo away deep set shadows. Also, consider installing dimmers for when you want to relax with the lights down low. Tracking lighting in your washroom allows you to direct illumination for grooming and display purposes.

Purchase a Good Quality Toilet

When purchasing a new water saving and energy efficient low flow toilet, it isn’t necessary for you to break your home improvement budget. Fortunately, you can get a good-quality one-piece toilet for about $400. Models with elongated bowls and seats are typically more comfortable. Also, a wall mounted model can be adjusted for those with accessibility and mobility restrictions.