How to Create a Stylish Entryway

Regardless of its size, the entryway of your home is very important. It is these few square meters that “set the tone”, create a first impression and arouse the first emotions in everyone who crosses the threshold of your home. Home is the place that should bring aesthetic satisfaction and comfort, so if you want that, you need to start with the entryway. Here’s how to create a modern and stylish entryway.

Plan Your Space and Find a Designated Spot for Everything

Start by deciding whether the entrance hall of your home will be a place to collect your outerwear and luggage or will highlight your home’s interior. Or even a little of both.

When choosing furniture, it is important to correctly determine its size, which depends on the room’s parameters. Unfortunately, most entryways are very tiny, and you can only put a small cabinet, a shoe shelf, and somehow hang a mirror. If the entryway is of medium size, you can check modular furniture that can be modified at your discretion.

In any case, before you buy something, measure the size of the room, or even better, create a schematic plan indicating what will go where.

Implement Seating

A small bench or other place to sit is always a good idea for the entryway. You can use it to sit down, take off, put on your shoes, or toss your coat. And your guests will feel more comfortable when they need to take off or put on their shoes. Furthermore, entry seating is easy to decorate with cute pillows or plants that showcase your unique sense of style and highlight your entire home’s interior.

Use the Wall Space

Whether you choose white walls or bright wallpaper, paint or spectacular decor, or perhaps even a group of mirrors – every detail should be carefully considered.

If you prefer an interior with more elements and details, the entryway is the perfect place to fit your ideas. You can decorate the walls with many family photos to create coziness and style in the room. Adding framed captions or quotes in a stylish font between the photos is a great idea. And the end result will be awe-inspiring!

Define the Space Using a Rug

How to choose a rug for your entryway is actually more difficult to answer than you think. This is the busiest area in the home, as it connects all the rooms. When choosing a rug for the entryway, you should think about how it will fit both with the room and the interior of your entire home. Since this is a frequently used space, your rug needs to be easy to clean, resistant to wear and tear, and with an anti-slip layer to prevent unwanted accidents. A small and attractive walkway placed in the center of this room is a sure way to create a great style statement.

Use Mirrors to Make the Room More Specious

A well-executed decorating plan with mirrors is able to bring a feeling of spaciousness and fill any room in your home with light. Mirrors take up little space, and their effect is imminent. The beauty of decorating with mirrors is that you can find them in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as with plain or ornate frames.

In addition to great design solutions, mirrors also have some practical functions in the entryway. Just place a mirror in front of a light source (a lamp, chandelier, or other object that emits light). The moment you turn on the artificial lights, they will be reflected in the mirror, and the room will become much brighter. Professional decorators have been using the “magic” of mirrors since time immemorial to optically increase space and turn small, narrow, and boring rooms into spacious and stylish rooms that everyone would love to have in their home.

Choose a Consistent Colour Scheme

Color schemes can completely change the space’s geometry and set the style’s direction. When you choose the right colors and painting techniques for your entryway, you get a harmonious and pleasant interior to look at every day. When selecting a color, think about how you want the space to feel. Neutral shades will make the space light and airy, while pastel tones will bring a cheerful and fresh breath.

Walls in neutral colors are a great “showroom” that you can use to let your imagination run wild. Light shades are a great base to build upon, betting on multiple framed photos or paintings, decorating with patterned wallpaper, or other creative ways to create a stylish paint job.

Hang Visually Appealing Light Fixtures

The right choice of lighting fixtures is essential for any part of the home, but for the entryways, it is even more so. The amount of light should not be less than in the other rooms, regardless of the time of day.

There is no need to have light fixtures everywhere as you may not have enough space. In bigger entryways, you can make zonal lighting, creating an accent on the wardrobe or the mirror surfaces. You can also combine ceiling and wall lamps.

Consider Hiring Painters and Decorators

The skills and abilities that interior design teams have at their disposal are far beyond what any individual thinks they possess. It’s not just about having a sense of beauty but finding an absolute balance between the space and your needs.

Space limitations are a serious challenge, even for professional decorators. Thanks to their knowledge and skills, creative thought, and innovation, they manage to offer an individual project that is fully adapted to the household. Herein lies the idea of hiring painters and decorators to tackle the challenges of your home’s mini spaces.


As you can see now, creating a stylish, modern, and functional entryway requires very good planning, attention to detail, and a sense of style. Decorating your home entrance will create personality in this welcoming area – plants, pictures, frames, quotes, and wallpaper are things that will bring more coziness to your entryway. Finally, look around your entryway and decide if you can freshen it up on your own or if it’s best to hire professional painters and decorators to do the job.